Post-Operative Instructions Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

After your wisdom teeth removal procedure, it’s essential to follow these guidelines carefully:

  1. Manage Bleeding: Apply pressure on the surgical area with the provided gauze pad until bleeding stops. Change the gauze as needed.

  2. Prevent Dizziness: Expect dizziness when getting up. Sit up slowly, allowing yourself time to adjust before standing.

  3. Limit Activities: Avoid strenuous activities for three to four days post-surgery. Resume normal activities gradually.

  4. Medication: Fill prescriptions promptly and follow instructions. Do not drive or operate machinery if taking pain medication affecting reflexes or judgment.

  5. Antibiotics: Take prescribed antibiotics as directed to prevent infection.

  6. Reduce Swelling: Expect swelling and stiffness. Apply a cold compress to the face near the extraction site for the first 24 hours, then switch to moist heat.

  7. Dietary Restrictions: Stick to liquids and soft foods like soups, yogurt, and smoothies for the first few days. Avoid straws, hot/spicy foods, carbonated/alcoholic beverages.

  8. Oral Care: Do not rinse, spit, or brush teeth on the day of surgery. Begin gentle brushing the next day, avoiding surgical sites. Rinse with warm salt water 3 times daily for 7-10 days.

  9. Socket Care: Avoid using the irrigating syringe for the first five days. Afterward, flush the socket with warm salt water to remove debris.

  10. Numbness Precautions: Temporary numbness may occur. Be cautious while eating to avoid accidental bites.

  11. Dry Socket Awareness: Watch for symptoms of dry socket, including severe throbbing pain, three to four days post-surgery. Contact our office if symptoms persist.

Remember, if you experience severe pain, excessive bleeding or swelling, or have any concerns, please contact our office. For serious emergencies, dial 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

For any questions or concerns, or to schedule a follow-up appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. We’re here to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and answer any queries you may have.