Comprehensive Oral Pathology Services at Suburban Oral Surgery

oral pathology

Oral pathology examines oral diseases, their origins, and impacts, which can stem from biological, chemical, or physical agents, as well as hormonal or developmental changes.

Detecting and Treating Oral Abnormalities

oral pathology

Lesions, abnormal tissues in the head and neck regions, may indicate various pathologies, including benign or malignant conditions. Our surgeons conduct thorough head and neck exams, encompassing the oral cavity, to assess the need for biopsies.

Concerns regarding abnormal skin color or texture in the mouth, unhealed sores, or lumps on the cheeks, palate, gums, or lips warrant attention. Prompt biopsy may be necessary to test tissue samples for oral cancer. Don’t overlook these warning signs; discuss any concerns during your visit to Suburban Oral Surgery in Springfield, PA and Havertown, PA.