Dental Implants at Suburban Oral Surgery

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Discover the advanced solution for tooth replacement. At Suburban Oral Surgery, serving Springfield, PA, and Havertown, PA, we specialize in dental implants, providing advanced solutions for tooth replacement.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

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Experience the Permanence and Stability of Single Tooth Dental Implants.

Single tooth dental implants offer a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Crafted from biocompatible titanium, these implants serve as strong foundations for individual replacement teeth, preventing bone loss and restoring your smile’s function and aesthetics.

A dental implant is a small metal piece placed into your jawbone to replace a missing tooth root. It bonds with your bone over time, becoming a sturdy base for a prosthetic tooth. This artificial tooth looks and functions much like a real one, restoring your ability to eat and smile confidently.

Implant Supported Bridges

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Enhance Your Smile with Implant Supported Bridges

Suburban Oral Surgery offers implant supported bridges as a restorative option for replacing multiple missing teeth. By utilizing two or more implants, our bridges provide both functional stability and a natural appearance, ensuring a comfortable and lasting solution for our patients in Springfield, PA, and Havertown, PA.

Implant-supported bridges offer an effective solution for replacing multiple missing teeth due to their natural appearance and stability provided by the implants. Unlike traditional bridges that rely on adjacent teeth for support, implant-supported bridges are anchored by two or more dental implants. This approach preserves the integrity of natural teeth, avoiding the need for crowns and reducing the risk of damage, especially if the surrounding dental structure is compromised.

By replacing missing teeth without impacting natural teeth, implant-supported bridges provide a durable and stress-free alternative for dental restoration.

Implant Supported Dentures

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Experience Stability and Comfort with Implant Supported Dentures

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional dentures with implant supported dentures from Suburban Oral Surgery. By anchoring dentures to dental implants, we provide a secure fit that eliminates shifting and discomfort, allowing you to enjoy a confident smile and improved oral function. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Implant-supported dentures provide numerous benefits compared to traditional dentures.

This solution is simple to maintain and closely resembles the appearance and feel of natural teeth, securely anchored in place by implants. Patients no longer endure the discomfort of denture movement or irritation to their gums.

Furthermore, dental implants stimulate bone growth in the jaw, which can prevent the sunken facial appearance often associated with bone loss. This not only restores facial structure but also helps ward off future bone deterioration.

Full Arch with Only Four Implants

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The full arch with only four implants procedure is a modern dental technique used to replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. Instead of traditional dentures, which rely on the gums for support, this method utilizes just four implants strategically placed in the jawbone. These implants act as strong anchors for a customized prosthetic arch of teeth. The result is a permanent and stable solution that restores both function and aesthetics to the patient’s smile. This innovative approach offers a more comfortable and efficient alternative to traditional dentures, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of a complete set of teeth with minimal implants.

Dental implants are small anchors made of a biocompatible metal called titanium that are placed in the jawbone. Dental implants are the replacement of tooth roots in the mouth. Once placed, the anchors begin to fuse with the bone over the course of a few months. After the fusing process, known as osseointegration, abutment posts are inserted into the anchors to allow for the permanent attachment of the replacement teeth.

The Benefits and Importance of Dental Implants

Explore the advantages of dental implants and discover why they’re the preferred choice for tooth replacement. Click here to learn more about the benefits of dental implants at Suburban Oral Surgery.