Additional Procedures

Facial trauma involves injuries to the bone, teeth, skin, gums or other soft tissues.Discover Effective Dental Solutions for Facial Trauma

Facial trauma encompasses a range of injuries affecting the bones, teeth, skin, gums, and soft tissues.

Suburban Oral Surgery’s Approach to Facial Trauma Treatment.

At Suburban Oral Surgery, we prioritize swift and comprehensive treatment for facial trauma cases. Our goal is to promptly address bleeding, ensure a clear airway, repair fractured bones, and suture damaged soft tissues. Treatment is immediate, barring any life-threatening injuries or neck fractures.

Impacted teeth refer to those that fail to fully emerge through the gums. Impacted wisdom and canine teeth are frequently encountered dental issues. To address impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is often recommended. For impacted canine teeth, various treatment options exist. Orthodontic interventions such as braces are employed to create space for proper eruption. In cases involving primary teeth, extraction or surgical exposure may be performed, facilitating the placement of orthodontic brackets to align the teeth.

During teeth exposure surgery, we lift the gum on top of the impacted tooth to reveal the hidden tooth underneath. If a baby tooth is present, it’ll be removed in the same procedure. Once the tooth is exposed, our oral surgeon will attach an orthodontic bracket to the tooth. The bracket will have a small gold chain connected to it. The surgeon will guide the chain back to the orthodontic arch wire, where it will be temporarily secured. In some cases, the surgeon may choose to leave the exposed and impacted tooth uncovered by suturing the gum higher above the tooth or creating a window in the gum covering the tooth. Most of the time, the gum will be returned to its original position and sutured back, with only the chain visible as it exits a small hole in the gum.”

Discover Comprehensive Treatment Solutions for Frenectomies

A frenectomy is a straightforward surgical procedure aimed at releasing the connection of the “frenum,” a connective muscle between two tissues. Two primary types of oral frenectomies are commonly performed on individuals of all ages, offering various benefits.

Suburban Oral Surgery’s Approach to Frenectomies

A Labial Frenectomy targets the tissue connecting the lip to the gums, benefiting both children and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment or requiring adjustments for dentures or appliances.

A Lingual Frenectomy, also known as the release of tongue-ties (ankyloglossia), addresses the connective tissue beneath the tongue. This procedure proves vital for newborns requiring assistance with nursing and older patients, including toddlers, needing correction for speech impediments stemming from restricted movement caused by the frenum.

The smooth, pink mucosal lining inside the mouth plays a crucial role in oral health. Any deviations in its color or texture could signify underlying pathology. It’s essential to address any concerns promptly, especially regarding persistent sores, abnormal lumps, or irregularities on the cheeks, palate, gums, or lips. These signs may necessitate a biopsy to test for oral cancer. Your vigilance and communication during your visit are paramount—please don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns you may have.

Sufficient jawbone volume is crucial for successful dental implant placement, stability, and aesthetics. Tooth loss can diminish bone volume, requiring bone grafting and ridge expansion procedures beforehand. These procedures increase jaw ridge height and width through mechanical manipulation and bone grafting. Despite the time needed for ridge expansion to mature, it ensures a solid foundation for implant placement.

Suburban Oral Surgery’s Approach to Ridge Expansion

Ridge expansion not only improves implant function but also enhances aesthetics by filling in the facial contours around the gums and jaw, reducing the appearance of aging. Trust our expertise to restore your smile’s health and beauty through innovative dental solutions.

When a tooth cannot be salvaged with restorative materials, extraction becomes necessary. Initially, the area is numbed with anesthesia for comfort. A specialized dental instrument, called an elevator, is then employed to gently loosen the tooth from its socket. Once loosened, the tooth is carefully extracted. Depending on the case, stitches may be required post-extraction for optimal healing.

An apicoectomy is a specialized procedure aimed at removing a tooth’s infected root tip to prevent further complications. The process involves making a small incision in the gum and bone covering the affected root. Once accessed, the root tip is carefully cleaned and sealed with a small filling. Finally, the gum is stitched back into place, promoting optimal healing.

Specialized Techniques

Platelet Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) are cutting-edge methods utilized to facilitate tissue regeneration, leveraging the patient’s own tissues and centrifugation for accelerated and optimized healing post-procedures.

These growth factors are formulated into a gel mixture, directly applicable to tooth sockets and other sites. Their application post-tooth extractions enhances soft tissue healing and fosters bone regeneration.

PRGF and PRF represent a novel approach to tissue regeneration, harnessing the regenerative potential of a patient’s blood. The inclusion of growth factors in PRP stimulates wound healing, playing a crucial role in tissue repair mechanisms. Incorporating PRP into surgical practice yields promising results, minimizing bleeding and promoting superior soft tissue healing and bone regeneration.

At Suburban Oral Surgery, our expert team is dedicated to your comfort and safety. We offer IV sedation and general anesthesia administered by highly qualified staff right here in our office. Whether you require extensive oral surgery or simply prefer a more relaxed experience, our advanced sedation options ensure a stress-free procedure. Trust us to provide personalized care tailored to your needs, delivering exceptional results with utmost comfort and peace of mind.

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