Oral - Facial Esthetics


Oral surgery has evolved to the point that we can provide surgical care without even touching the gums or skin --- it involves using a laser. Laser treatment seals blood vessels and nerves, minimizing bleeding and postoperative soreness that may be experienced with other types of surgery. It also sterilizes the wound and helps prevent swelling.

The laser works by "vaporizing" tissue with a concentrated beam of light. On the face, after removing the outer layers of skin with the laser, healing tightens the skin, resulting in a smoother surface.

Intraoral uses for the laser:

Wrinkles and lesions may form around the mouth and eyes over time:

Any skin can be measurably improved. Common conditions such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and skin discoloration can be greatly resolved or removed by the use of our medically based skin care products. Your doctor or skin care professional will enable you to experience a new level of skin care.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon can answer your questions and refer you to your family dentist to enhance your smile --- be it with bleaching of your teeth, veneers placed over the front of the teeth, or if the indication exists, full coverage with porcelain crowns ( caps ).

Only a dentist can get your teeth their whitest.